Why Squarespace is Better Than The Other Guys

Why Squarespace is Better Than the Other Guys

If you couldn’t tell already, I am a huge Squarespace fan. I have templates for Squarespace users and all of my custom sites have been created on that platform. Here are some reasons why Squarespace will always be my top pick!

Easy to Use

No matter your web design skill level, you can navigate this platform pretty easily. No crazy coding needed, although if you are into that, there is that option.

No Plugins Needed

Holy moly, this one was a big one for me. No need to keep up with theme updates or refresh plugins with this platform. While most people may be bummed out that plugins aren’t an option, this actually is a big plus for me. No need to worry about upkeep and updating overtime with plugins.


Squarespace has multiple options and easy to implement tricks to get your SEO optimized on your website. Nothing too tricky here! Want to know more about SEO + Squarespace? Check out this blog post!

You Can Get Fancy With It

If you want something super custom and one of a kind with a ready to use template on Squarespace, you can. Custom coding is pretty easy to navigate if you know your stuff or have some time to kill with a Google search.

These are just a few of my favorite features of Squarespace, but the main thing is how easy it is to update and refresh your content as things change or evolve in your business. No need for major overhauls every time something new happens, you can have your website design keep up with your biz growth along the way.

Why Squarespace is Better Than The Other Guys