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Chelsea Kardokus, Squarespace Website Designer and Authorized Trainer

do you remember -
the 21st night of september?

Because that's really where this story all begins. September 21st, 1990 little Chelsea was born into the world (thank you Earth, Wind + Fire for dedicating a whole song just to my birthday)! And I've been an entrepreneur basically ever since. My first business was called Groovy Girl Designs (you should see my lime green business cards with Curlz MT font!) when I was 7 years old. I made and sold glass bead bracelets - and let me tell you, they were a hit!

I've made my way across the USA from growing up in small town Idaho to medium town Indiana for college where I studied Journalism Graphics. Then I was on to the one and only Big Apple for five years and now you can find me walking the streets of our Nation's capitol (and always searching for Olivia Pope).

I started 23&9 Creative my senior year of college as a resume shop on Etsy (it still lives!) and over the years it snowballed into branding + website design! Something I never imagined I would find myself doing but love more than anything. 23&9 is a way for me to connect with so many incredible #bossladies across the globe and help tell their story - show their passion and love and commitment and hard work they've put into their biz.

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What did you want to be when you grew up?

a popstar , duh

top 3 favorite places traveled:

england, china, colombia

What's your favorite color?

is this a trick question... (it's pink)

What's your favorite food?

fettucini alfredo...and margaritas

show most likely to binge while designing:

gilmore girls. no questions asked.

If you could meet anyone it would be:

taylor swift

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Because girl, I am!

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