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Squarespace Website Design + Templates for small businesses
Squarespace Authorized Trainer

website design* & Training to tell your story.

*Not for the faint of bold, creative, color, fun or dance parties.


jump on in! Choose your own web-venture:

My Custom Website Design experience will bring your dream site to life and make you sing your URL from the rooftops!

For all my DIYers - my Pre-Made Squarespace Designs that you can easily create + customize to your brand!

My Don't Be a Square tutorial series gives you the tools to easily update + add functional style to your Squarespace site.

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Woman small business owner

Just an actual small town girl.

Who loves Taylor Swift, ampersands, pretending I'm Joanna Gaines and also Squarespace. My heart of hearts lies in creating (and teaching about!) beautiful sites for awesome #bossladies around the world. Every site meets my 23&9 Creative code of ethics: must be functional, must be extremely user friendly, must scream YOU and must make you squeal with excitement.

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