SEO Must-Haves for Your Squarespace Website

SEO Must Haves for Your Website

Get in with the top web searches and gain the new visitors you want with your top notch SEO! Making sure that your website has all of its bases covered with it comes to search engine optimization is a must. While most SEO work has to deal with back end settings of your website, these small steps can make a huge difference. Check out these must-have SEO categories for your Squarespace website!

Page Name and Descriptions

Keep your page names clear and understandable. You don’t want anything too out there or too obscure. Don’t overcomplicate it! Also be sure to add a description to your website pages. This increases searchability! You can access these settings through the gear icon on the right of your page name. See below an example from my website.


Keyword Rich Image/File Names

How you title and file your images and visual elements on your website matters. This contributes to your SEO as well! You can save your file from the get go with keyword rich words, or alter the file name within Squarespace. Select Image > Edit and update the Filename. I encourage you to update file names not only within blog posts, but also on all of your pages. Anywhere you have an image file, make the name relevant to the content on your website!


Website Description

Another quick fix, but really effective and certainly a must! Update your website title and most importantly your site meta description. Keep this content around 250 characters. You don’t want it to be too lengthy but certainly include enough information to make an impact! Consider this the “tagline” of your website. Include what you do and use keyword rich words. See below for my website description! You can access this through the Marketing > SEO tab on the main menu of your Squarespace site.


Use Blog Content to Your Advantage

Share posts on your blog that relate back to your business and increase your SEO! Like all other items on this list - keep it keyword friendly. Use headings and file image names that relate back to your topic to add to the SEO layers. This content is also great to circulate on social media - so win, win!

These are just a few tips to get you started! There is SO much when it comes to SEO. Schedule time on your calendar to devote a day to updating your website to be SEO friendly! Like I said before, these small items can make a huge impact to your searchability - so do it!

SEO must haves