The Best Squarespace Templates


Selecting a template is the first step towards creating your awesome Squarespace website. No pressure, right? Well, don’t worry. When it comes to a go-to template, there is a clear winner. Without a doubt, any template in the Brine family is a must. If you get overwhelmed by all of the options within the Brine family, like cousin Clay or Aunt Aria (see what I did there?), just choose Brine itself.

Brine offers so much flexibility, and the ease of customization is just incredible. It provides the most layout and design options. Even if you want something simple during your first phase of build out with your website, it is great to know what more features and design elements can be easily incorporated down the line. This can save you so much time in the future instead of starting from scratch every time you want to do a website update.

The only caveat I have to share is that Brine does not have a natural sidebar capability. While with most Squarespace sites there is a workaround to make this happen, like with content block, code, etc. - it is something to be aware of depending on the website you want to create. Okay now that we’ve got that covered let’s dig into some of my favorite functionalities of Brine.

  1. Primary and Secondary Navigation

    You may have seen a site or two that has a top colored bar of pages to select with some social icons neighboring it or a “sign up now” button next to an about page tab. Primary and secondary navigation make this happen. It allows for website builders to vary their navigation options to entice website visitors to be attracted to specific click-through options along with the usual contact page type items.

  2. Content Inset Option

    Think of this as the “bumper” to your website content. If you are like me and you like your images and content taking up the majority of the page, I have this set to 1. However, if you are a fan of some more white space in your design, bump this number up.

  3. Customizable Mobile Design

    This is a HUGE plus to Brine. Think about it. Most of us check out stuff on our phones these days, especially when prompted to click on a link during our Instagram scroll. I bet you are reading this on the phone right now. Having a website that doesn’t lose its design value as soon as it is viewed on a mobile device is crucial. You want to provide a similar high-quality experience for your website visitors no matter where they click through.

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The Best Squarespace Templates to Use