3 Ways to Use Your Squarespace Cover Page

Squarespace Cover Pages

There are so many different features, settings and more that Squarespace offers to customize your website and highlight the benefits of your business. One of my favorite things Squarespace has available is COVER PAGES. In this post, I am going to share some ways to use a Squarespace cover page for your website!

Under Construction Page

If you are working through some updates for your website, or wanting to change things up a bit with your site design, I recommend setting up an under construction page first before getting too deep into the process.

This page will serve as a good stopping point from visitors entering your “in progress” website design. You can share a message when the full site will be up and running or push visitors to your social media accounts for more up to date information about your business while your website is getting some work done.

Sign Up Page

Let’s say you are promoting a new in-person event or online webinar - use a cover page as a stylized sign up page. You can gather emails, have visitors submit special forms, you name it.

Sure, you could have all of this information featured within an existing page on your website, but having a special stylized page through a cover page option could be a unique and fun way to make your sign up stand out!

Promote Your Latest Offering

Similar to a sign up page, use a cover page to promote your latest offering. You can share exclusive details or discounts on this page to entice visitors to opt-in and take advantage of your offering.

Use a cover page to distinguish this offering from the rest on your site to really peak interest!

These are just a few ideas on how to use cover pages, but really have fun with it! You can create unique style settings through each cover page, so let your creativity show! Design a one of a kind page to really display information and content you want featured.

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