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We believe in your brand standing out. We believe in being uniquely you. You're not the girl next door (and neither are we). That's why our brands are more than just pretty calligraphy and a trendy color palette. That's why our clients soon turn into our internet besties. Every brand, every #bosslady, every color chosen, letter drawn and website made - is purposefully crafted to be boldly you.


Now available: diy squarespace
website templates

design your website in as quick as one day for 1/4 of the custom price! girl say whaaaat?


step-by-step videos, resources and training to create your very own #bosslady website - today!


How it works:

  • Step 1: Choose from one of our 3 custom templates we've created just for you. Each template holds true to our 3 key ingredients: simplicity, functionality and easy for YOU to update! BONUS: We're going to give you our guide
  • Step 2: Follow our step-by-step videos walking you through everything from creating your account to creating the exact template you choose. You'll learn how to edit and update your site and not have to worry about someone else doing it for you! WIN!
  • Step 3: Launch and CELEBRATE! Get our 20% code for your hosting plan with Squarespace, make your website LIVE and pop some bubbly!  YOU DID IT!

Our #bosslady guarantee:

  • INSTANT and lifetime access
  • 3 bold, custom template created just for you
  • NO CODING allowed!
  • Taught by me - a Squarespace Authorized Trainer
  • Access to me to answer all your questions
  • Always be able to edit and update your site: no third parties!
  • Photoshop NOT required to have our beautiful graphics!
  • Step-by-step videos to get your website running in ONE DAY
  • BONUS: Website homework to get your site and content ready to rock!

are you ready for it?