“I looked high and low for a Squarespace template that would fit my needs before finding 23&9 Creative, and I can't tell you how thankful I am that I didn't settle for something else!  As a brand designer by trade, I rarely have time or energy to focus on my own brand (terrible, I know), so I wanted something that was both aesthetically pleasing and super easy to implement. In each template video, you learn exactly how to customize the site to your particular business, while receiving a full tour of Squarespace along the way. I feel like a Squarespace guru now, despite knowing very little beforehand! Not to mention, Chelsea is incredibly friendly and readily available if you have any questions! This website template made my personal rebranding so much simpler and hassle-free, and I'm forever grateful!”

- Kelsea, Kindly by Kelsea

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Chelsea KardokusComment

"If you need an amazing DIY website, - get this now! I have spent 5 months trying to get my mind around another "easy" wordpress template, only to still have nothing to show for it. I purchased this less than 24 hours ago, and already have to bulk of my new site done. I'm thrilled with how it looks, exactly what I saw in my mind. Can't recommend this enough!"

- Katie

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"I cannot tell you how talented Chelsea is. I have been thinking basically since launching Moonlit Wing that I needed to revamp sooner rather than later if I wanted to keep on blogging. Chelsea literally came to the rescue with her Boss Lady Squarespace Tutorials. I mean life savor! She put together a full virtual "how-to" on setting up beautiful websites via Squarespace. I cannot recommend this program enough. I am computer illiterate (and Chelsea now very well knows that) and these tutorials laid it out so well that it was (almost) a breeze to create the new layout. Thank you again, Chelsea, I can't thank you enough!"

-Alison, Moonlit Wing

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"I could not have imagined a better experience! This may be a DIY website template but Chelsea was so supportive and communicative that I felt she was with me every step of the way. It is clear that Chelsea values integrity and kindness and it shows throughout the entire user experience that she has created. From her sweet voice on the videos, her clear directions, and her top-notch customer service, Chelsea surpassed every expectation I had!"

- Jessica

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