Creative Ways to Use Summary Blocks

Squarespace Summary Blocks

Squarespace offers a variety of features to customize and enhance your website design, blog post content and more. One of the major ways Squarespace provides customization is through summary blocks. In today’s blog post I am going to share a few of my favorite ways to display this content block.

Related Blog Posts

If you have a collection of blog content categorized and sorted, a great way to encourage website visitors to keep reading through your posts is through a summary block at the end of your content. This summary block can display related blog posts through a few simple settings in your summary block. By selecting blog as the content source and adding in a category filter you can prompt your visitors to keep clicking!

Portfolio Gallery

If you have a collection of visuals such as portfolio items or photography, a summary block using gallery content is the way to go. You can feature multiple groupings of photos and play with the aspect ratio of the images to get the look just right for your page. This is perfect for promoting your design services or showing of your latest creation online.

Testimonials Feature

Another fun way to use summary blocks is by creating a sliding testimonial block on your home page or within your services page. To achieve this look, you will first need to create a separate blog of just testimonials with your client’s name as the blog post title and the quote within the excerpt portion of the blog post settings

On your desired page, create a summary block that pulls content from your testimonial blog, from here you can customize your settings to get the look you want. I recommend displaying one testimonial at a time and letting the website visitor click through the bunch. This is a great way to encourage new clients to book your services!

So which idea was your favorite? Did you have one that I missed? Share with me on Instagram!