Cover Page Ideas


One of the more hidden gems of Squarespace is cover pages. These “one-off” pages present information in a single, bold spot on your website. They stand off on their own, without primary navigation or a ton to scroll through. They provide minimal information but can present one or two calls of action to your website visitors.

You can design your cover page to be in sync with your existing website or feature specialty design with new elements, colors, sizing, etc. on this page. Cover pages are highly visual but offer a lot of possibilities when it comes to how they can be used for your business. I am breaking down a few of my favorite ideas to spark some ideas of your own!

Promote Your Newsletter Sign Up

Gain new email subscribers through sharing the benefits of your email list through a cover page. You can direct visitors to a separate sign up page or have them enter their email directly into your cover page. Quick tip - make sure you are presenting them with the value they will be receiving through your email newsletter. People can have a pretty tight grip on their email unless they are getting something pretty sweet out of giving it away.

Announce an Event (Online or In-person)

Get audiences excited about an event you are hosting either in-person, like a workshop, or online, like a webinar. Promote the agenda of the day and get people to sign up for exclusive updates or to get their name on the list. Include a little preview of the significant items to come on your cover page to get them really excited and mark their calendars ASAP.

Design an ‘Under Construction’ Page

Wanting to update your website? Instead of spring cleaning your office this year, you may want to spruce up your website content. Don’t let website visitors get confused about why your website is down, but share when you are up and running again. While you have them, you can share your email list or latest freebie to keep them engaged.

There are so many options, but these are just a few to get you started! Have a great idea you want to share? Send me a DM on Instagram! I’d love to hear it.

Cover Page Ideas