3 Must-haves For Your Website Homepage

3 must-haves for your website homepage

Consider your homepage a combination of an online business card and the first impression to your business. You have got to make sure that your website includes the right stuff, especially on the homepage. Check out these must-have for your homepage!

What You Do - Your Business

While it may seem obvious to you what you do, for a website visitor, you need to be a little bit more clear. Provide a short description of what you do and the solutions you can provide to a potential client/customer. Regardless if someone is intentionally checking you out or stumbles upon your website, they shouldn’t have to investigate to know what you do and why you do it.

Who You Are - Introduce Yourself

This is the part where you want to connect with your ideal clients and have them relate to you. A short tidbit about you that visitors will be inclined to click read more on your ‘about me’ page. Also - make sure to show your face! People want to know the person behind the business! Don’t forget to show who YOU are because this is so important.

What They Should Do - Call to Action

Every section on your homepage should be intentional and lead towards a goal. For example, including a featured work section to attract your audience to your full portfolio. Your call to action should be obvious instead of hidden. Get people to sign up for a meeting or book a project. Using a button or an eye-catching click-through could your way to go!

Consider these tips when building a website or updating the one you already have. Anything I am missing? I want to know your must-haves too!

3 must-haves for your website homepage