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Squarespace Website Design + Templates for small businesses
Pre Made Squarespace Website Templates, Premium Squarespace Templates


You're ready for website demo day! Jump in and quickly build your website with the help of my pre-made styles and layouts so you can spend your time focusing on what matters - you + your happy clients.



All templates hold true to my #bosslady promise - no coding, no photoshop, no third-party editing - it's all you, girl! You can purchase the templates with OR without my Squarespace 101 class.

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What's included:

  • Step-by-step videos showing you exactly how to re-create the site design and add in your own content, photos, branding - everythang!
  • 20% off discount of hosting for your first year
  • Completely mobile optimized design
  • All graphics needed and video tutorials on how to edit without Photoshop

How it works:

Choose your template: Choose your favorite template and if you want our Squarespace 101 class (HIGHLY recommended!) or, if you're already a Squarespace pro and you're half way theeeeere!

Step-by-step videos: Start your journey with our step-by-step videos going through creating the styles, making the pages and editing the graphics (NO PHOTOSHOP SAY WHAAAT).

Add your content: Add in your branding, colors, photos and content to our design and BAM - you've got yourself a website!

Launch + Go Live: Since I'm a Squarespace Authorized Trainer I get to give YOU an extra special 20% off hosting discount for your first year! Choose your plan, connect your domain and you're LIVE!

A few frequently asked questions:

What the heck is a Squarespace template / pre-made site / whatever you want to call it?!

Let me break it down for you! Basically, I have designed sites for you that I will teach you exactly how to re-make and add in your own content! Everything can be changed - the colors, the type, you can even move around the layout and the pages! My template is a guideline for you to take and make uniquely YOU! I sell the templates in 2 different ways. One that has a Squarespace 101 class included (with literally ALL the information + Squarespace training you will ever need!) and, incase you're already a Squarespace pro but just want the designs, I sell the design template by itself as well!

Okay so why do I want/need one?

If you...

  1. Don't have time to work on a custom site right now and just need to get something up yourself, you can have this up in a matter of 1-2 days!
  2. Don't have the money for a custom site and still want a bold, beautiful presence online with a custom look + feel! The sites were custom built be me - and once your content, photos and branding are plugged in it will be all YOURS!

Do you install the template for me?

I can! I've created the templates so you can easily set it all up yourself, but for an additional fee I can help a girl out! Message me for more deets and setting up a time.

Does this include the Squarespace hosting fee or domain?

It does not - BUT (wait for it...) I get to give you an awesome 20% discount for your first year just because!! It's a pretty great deal. And if you don't already own your domain, you can get it for free with Squarespace if you pay for your first year upfront. You can check out Squarespace hostings fees here.

Is the logo in the demo site included?

It's not! I'd love to chat with you though about our simple logo add on if you're looking for a little somethin' somethin'.

What if I don't know anything about Squarespace?

You're still in the right place! You can purchase the template with my Squarespace 101 class and you'll be set for LIFE! It goes through every single detail from set up to SEO advice and best image quality advice to connecting your domain and more. Believe me - it's jam packed full of Squarespace goodness!

What if I know all about Squarespace but want your design?

You're also in the right place! You can purchase any of our templates with just the design for a discounted price!

When can I start?

Right now!! The templates are all taught through Teachable and is available for you at any second of any day. Really.

Do the tutorials go away?

Nnnnope! They're there FOR LIFE.

Will my site be mobile optomized?

Absolutely! All of my styles have been mobile tested and approved.

What if I don't have Photoshop...or know how to code?

No problem! Photoshop is my least favorite anyway ;) I show you how to edit all the graphics without using ANY Photoshop. And good thing there's NO CODE INVOLVED. Like, ever.

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