Hi friends! I'm Chelsea. 

When I was seven years old, my mom introduced me to the world of alphabet stickers, pretty paper and a phenomenon known as scrapbooking. I didn't know it at the time, but scrapbooking, my fascination with Martha Stewart glitter, and love for Meg Ryan in Sleepless in Seattle (who doesn't want to meet the love of their life on top of the Empire State Building?), planted the seeds that would eventually become 23&9 Creative.

By day I'm an Associate Art Director at TIME Magazine. By night,  you can find me in my cozy NYC apartment (aka design studio) building bold brands for awesome boss ladies! My favorite part of my job is the connection I get to make with every single client. I am in awe of the incredible and amazing businesses women run and that I get to be a part of bringing them to life!

A few random facts: I love Crossfit. I love coffee. I love Gilmore Girls. I love cooking. I love my semi-evil cat who used to be on Xanax. I love sleeping in. I love Taylor Swift. I love tiny homes. I love margaritas. Talk to me about any of these and we will be bffs.

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about design, Gilmore Girls, cats, tacos, margaritas, Taylor Swift, tiny homes... you know where to find me.

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